Dr. Daria Rodshagen


Daria’s beginnings with Peak Sports and Spine began in 2019 while working as an aide following her graduation from Western Washington University with a degree in Kinesiology. Following graduation from Franklin Pierce University in Arizona with her doctorate in physical therapy, she chose to move back home to Washington despite loving her time in the desert. She’s back to enjoying anything that gets her outdoors, including inline skating, hiking, running or playing soccer.

Daria first discovered physical therapy not as a patient herself, but from observing the positive impact it made on a close loved one while she was still quite young. As a result of this, her approach to treatment is focused on setting the patient up with the right tools needed not only to treat the present pain or dysfunction, but equip them with knowledge and interventions that will help to prevent future concerns as much as possible.

Large influences in building Daria’s hands on approach to care come from time she was able to spend treating in Australia. There she was given the opportunity to learn new modes of treatment while not only working with the general population, but athletes at Nationals for Australian Underwater Hockey.

Education & Accomplishments

  • Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology - Western Washington University
  • Doctorate of Physical Therapy - Franklin Pierce University
Dr. Daria Rodshagen
Physical Therapist, PT, DPT
(425) 653-7100

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