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Your body does an amazing job of healing itself. But for serious injuries or conditions, giving it some extra help with physical therapy can greatly accelerate your recovery and lead to an even better outcome.

If you’re healing from an injury, surgery or a disabling medical condition, rehab can help you get back to your prior level of health. It can involve working on impairments that have affected your joints, bones, spinal cord, muscles, ligaments or nerves.

Peak Sports & Spine will evaluate your condition and then create a custom treatment program with set goals. We’ll work with you one-on-one to reduce your pain, prevent re-injury, regain strength and increase range of motion so you can return to the activities you did in the past. Your physical therapist will guide you every step of the way.


Looking to get quicker, stronger, faster? We can help. Sports performance training can help you reach your full potential and achieve your desired performance goals. We‘ll develop an integrated sports performance program for you that encompasses flexibility, strength, agility, speed, balance and conditioning.

Whether you’re just getting started in your athletic training or you’re already working at an elite level, we can help you improve your performance level and also reduce your risk of injury. We provide individual assessment and coaching so you get a custom-designed program that’s right for you.

Spinal Care

Your spine keeps you upright and moving fluidly. That’s a tall order to fill. So when your spine isn’t working properly, you certainly feel it. Whether due to an injury, illness, surgery or just regular wear-and-tear, spine rehab can help you return to a higher, and hopefully pain-free, quality of life.

After assessing your condition, we’ll develop a treatment program to get you up and moving again. We’ll show you targeted exercises that build muscles and increase flexibility, while also preventing future problems. Whether your issue is with the bony structure, nervous system or soft tissue around the spine, we’ll work towards reducing chronic pain and improving functionality.

Post Surgical

After a major surgery, your doctor is like to recommend physical therapy to aid in the recovery and healing process as well as minimize scar tissue. Once your pain is under control, our physical therapists will tailor a treatment plan that includes progressive exercises designed to strengthen your muscles, restore your range of motion and improve your overall stability.

Post-surgical physical therapy can also help to reduce pain and allow you to get back to your pre-surgery level of physical activities sooner and with less risk of causing post-operative complications.


Your health and wellness is our #1 priority. Every aspect of your treatment will be personalized around your specific needs, capabilities and goals. You can expect your therapy to help:

  • Reduce your pain and discomfort
  • Accelerate healing
  • Strengthen muscles to prevent future injuries
  • Increase your mobility, flexibility and stability
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