Crossfit and Your Health

By: peaksports-admin | Posted: 12/20/2016

Crossfit was designed to be a measurable way of increasing work capacity across broad time and enhance physical competency, specifically to improve health and fitness. Crossfit can be an extremely effective way to take your health into your own hands but it is important to listen to your body. 

Crossfit combines functional activities and movements that are performed at high intensities, incorporating movements from gymnastics, weightlifting, and cardio. Dramatic fitness gains are achieved through higher intensities and fast movement patterns throughout your workout.  

If injuries are occurring with your Crossfit workout, it may be due to lack in range of motion, decreased flexibility or lack of stability. It is important to take a step back and ensure that you are working within your body's capabilities, as well as, promoting stability, mobility and proper lifting technique. These are all key points in preventing injuries and promoting a healthy workout where gains and progress can be made without injury to your body.   If you are unsure about your injury it is helpful to see a physical therapist who can evaluate your movement and help guide you with corrective exercises and appropriate modifications to allow you to continue to train.

When Crossfitting, focus on the quality of movements. This focus will aid in your overall progression towards success and injury prevention. It can be devastating to get injured and feel as though you will not be able to return to the level you were once performing at. Knowing your limits and working on your weaknesses will promote continued progress. Praising your injuries by "fighting through the pain" or feeling proud about your "war wounds" is akin to ignoring your body's natural warning signs and can lead to potential injury. Steady progress is driven by understanding the mechanics of the movements, maintaining stability and respecting proper form. 

Crossfit can be a great sport if performed properly. It is easy to get caught up in the hype and competitive nature of the sport and stop listening to our body.  Be sure to maintain a good warm-up, consistent stretching regiment, and proper lifting form. This will allow for injury prevention and the ability for you to maintain the positive gains you have achieved through Crossfit. It is difficult to improve your health and wellness if your training is resulting in injuries.  Please contact your local Peak Sports & Spine Physical Therapist if you would like more information or have questions regarding how to help your training keep you healthy!  Happy Training and Happy New Year! 

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