Choosing the right practitioner for you.....It's your right

By: peaksports-admin | Posted: 10/11/2017

Do you know you have the right to choose which Physical Therapist you see just as you can choose your MD .

On many occasions I have heard our patients say, ”I wish I would have come here first” or “I went there because my Physician told me to or referred me to that clinic”. Why this is fine, many MDs refer to clinicians they know or clinics they own.  A lot of groups now refer only to their facilities. You may have an excellent PT right in your neighborhood or very close to where you work. It is your choice as a consumer and a patient to choose where you want to go. Just because there is another company name on top fot he referral form, does not mean you are obligated to go to that clinic.

At Peak Sports and Spine Physical Therapy we have very experienced, excellent PTs right in your neighborhood. We have 7 conveneitn locations on the East Side and Seattle. 

So if you get a referral for Physical Therapy check our web site out and pick a Physical Therapist you feel would best fit you. Ask some co workers, neighbors or friends who they would suggest.  Take the time to pick your Physical Therapist as you would your primary MD or Dentist.

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