Dr. Laura Scurfield


Laura was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia and recently moved to the Pacific Northwest in 2021. Laura was inspired to pursue physical therapy after witnessing the wonders that PT provided for a family member suffering from ALS, a devastating motor neuron disorder that leaves you incapacitated and wheelchair-bound. It was during this time she decided to pursue a career focused on physical rehabilitation.

During graduate school, Laura was chosen for a highly-competitive clinical placement at the Shepherd Center, a world-renowned model center for spinal cord injury rehabilitation, which furthered her passion for finding creative ways to restore movement in those who are affected. She is very passionate about providing care to her patients for improving quality of life, establishing independence, and imparting education for increased self-advocacy.

Laura has worked with a wide array of patient populations including both non-operative and post-operative orthopedics, sports injuries, neurological disorders, traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries, and geriatrics. 

Education & Accomplishments

  • Georgia State University - Bachelor's of Science in Kinesiology
  • Georgia State University - Doctorate of Physical Therapy

Dr. Laura Scurfield
Physical Therapist PT, DPT
(425) 450-9801

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